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Whether you are looking at the businesses by category  or by alphabetical listing, you will find that our directory is different to large-scale, online national business directories. This directory ONLY features businesses in the Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens area. If you find a business in our directory, it means the business is in our area.

Locating products and services (such as accommodation or dining) on large-scale, online national directories or search engines can be such a “hit and miss” affair. It can take hours to negotiate the maze of options and sometimes you find you have located something that isn’t even in the right town or region.

This is not the case in our directory. If you find a listing in this directory, it is local!

Our directory is also different in that it does not favour those who pay the most. We do not list based on user-pays. This means we create an “even playing field”, allowing every business the same opportunity to showcase themselves in our directory.

Keeping this directory up to date is a big job and we welcome our help. Feel free to help by providing updates, corrections and any information you think will be of assistance. Information can be submitted by sending a short message via the form on our Contact Us page. After we receive your message we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

As our directory grows and changes, the categorisation may change. Please call back on a regular basis. If the business you need is not there today, it may be there tomorrow.