Hawks Nest NSW

Enjoy Hawks Nest!

Surrounded by natural beauty and steeped in a village atmosphere Hawks Nest is a seaside village bordered by the ocean to the east and Port Stephens to the south. As a seaside village, Hawks Nest has the distinct beauty often associated with coastal destinations. Spectacular sunrises over pure white beaches. Sparkling ocean waters on a clear summer’s day. The sound of rolling surf along pristine beaches. On a perfect day you can walk seemingly endless sand dunes under wide blue skies.

Cabbage Tree Island.
The beauty of Hawks Nest.

As a riverside village Tea Gardens has its own special delights. Piping hot coffee on a chill winter’s morning. The timeless ebb and flow of a tidal river. Dining in riverside cafes and restaurants. An ice cold beer in the courtyard of the local hotel. 

These are just some of the delights you will find in Hawks Nest and its twin town Tea Gardens.

For the adventurous there is surfing, snorkelling, canoeing, bushwalking, boating, charter tours, fishing, camping – and thats just the start. But don’t limit yourself to a summer visit. In a destination like Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest you’ll have every chance to connect with nature, re-connect with each other or find some solitude to re-connect with yourself. 

The towns (Hawks Nest / Tea Gardens) are more than just a summer destination. Autumn through to spring also offers an opportunity to unwind from the pressures of daily life and recharge your batteries. Lose yourself in walks. Indulge in local seafood. Dine out in great restaurants where the wine and the conversation flows. On rainy days sleep in late, devour a great book or languish in cafes where the aroma of coffee rises, the newspapers rustle and the morning slips away.

Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest are located an hour north of Newcastle, two and half hours north of Sydney and only a few hours from major inland cities such as Dubbo and Tamworth.