Hawks Nest / Tea Gardens NSW

Welcome to the ultimate summer destination of Hawks Nest, New South Wales. Nestled on the southern end of the Mid North Coast Hawks Nest is the sister township of Tea Gardens.

Surrounded by natural beauty, Hawks Nest provides access to endless water ways suitable for all types of recreation and camping. Famous for the surf at Bennett’s Beach, the township offers a great family destination.

Connect with nature, re-connect with each other or find some solitude to re-connect with yourself.

Hawks Nest is more than just a summer destination, autumn through spring also offer an opportunity to recharge your batteries, relax with long walks, eat local seafood, dine out in great restaurants, drink steaming coffee, sleep in late or devour a great book on a wet day.

Hawks Nest / Tea Gardens are bounded by the Myall Lakes to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Port Stephens to the south and the hinterlands to the west. The area around Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens is renowned for its natural beauty. You do not have to venture far before you find places such as the Myall Lakes National Park, Barrington Tops National Park and Karuah National Park.

The port itself forms part of the Port Stephens–Great Lakes Marine Park and offers swimming, boating, sailing, snorkelling, diving, windsurfing, fishing, fishing charters and more.  There really is no end to the things you can see or do.

Both Hawks Nest / Tea Gardens offer accommodation for every budget. There are plenty of places to dine with cafes, restaurants and takeaway food outlets in abundance. You will also find cooked and fresh local seafood at a number of takeaway shops and restaurants.

Both towns provide a range of retail outlets and are well serviced with facilities such as supermarkets, parks, libraries, boat ramps, a gym and public amenities. Markets are held regularly and day-trips to nearby attractions are within easy reach.

Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens can be accessed by car, plane (our closest airport is Newcastle) and train (the final leg will by by bus as there is not train staton at Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens).

So, don’t wait until summer to come and see us. We’re here all year round.