List your business with us

We invite all businesses in Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens to list your business with us.

We provide a business listing in our directory under the category of your choice for $55 per year. A listing appears in one category for a calendar year. Your calendar year begins when your listing is loaded and available on the internet (we will inform you when this has been done).

If you list your business with us

If your business offers more than one product or service in different categories, a charge of $55 per listing per category applies. For example, if your business offered both food and accommodation, you may want to be listed under both accommodation and either restaurant or cafe. In this example the total would be $110 to list in both the restaurant and accommodation category.

Listings provide up to 300 characters to summarise your business. We have the writing and editing skills to assist you with a strongly worded, succinct summary that clearly states the core aspects of your business. Your business name, contact details (such as phone number or email address) and any links to your website or Facebook page are not included in the 300 characters.

Your business listing:
will appear under an agreed category (see number “1” in the image below. In this example the category is Fashion / Retail)
will start with your registered business name which also acts as a link to your existing website if you have one (see “2” below)
will have an active phone number which means visitors to the site will simply tap on the number from a mobile phone to call the number (see “3” below)
will have a 300 character description of your core business functions that we can help develop (see “4” below)
will have your business address (if required) (see “5” below)
will have an email link (if required) (see “6” below)
and will finish with a second link to your existing website (if you have one) (see “7” below)
List your business with us

If you list your business with us, this is how it will appear


Quick call panel and alphabetical listing

Your listing will also appear in the Quick Call panel on right hand side of the page where your listing appears (as an example, see the Quick Call panel on the right hand side of the E-O page).
Your business name and contact details will also be added to the alphabetical listing page.


We never publish a listing without your sign-off.

Making changes to a listing

Changes to your listing will be charged at $66 per hour and is charged in 15-minute increments. We find that most changes relate to email addresses or website links and these usually take around 15 minutes to change, upload and test. This means that most charges throughout the year will usually incur a charge of around $16.50. More significant changes will, of course, cost more.