Out and About

In summer you’ll be out and about fishing, boating and camping along the river at Tea Gardens or enjoying the sun, sand and surf that has made Hawks Nest one of the east coast’s premier surfing spots. From the beaches to the lakes to the river to the port and our to the ocean, it is little wonder we were listed in so many travel guides as a highly recommended destination.

But don’t wait until summer to come and see us. We’re here all year round and you will be surprised what winter has to offer.

When you are out and about in the cooler months you will see there are still things see and do or you can take advantage of this time to rest, shake off the city blues, regenerate your spirit, top up your energy and learn to just do nothing.

Out and about in Hawks Nest

Recharge in Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest during the cooler months. You won’t regret it.

Out and about in Hawks Nest: Take in the quiet solitude with long walks along the beach, take the family to one of the local parks or join friends for a fun night at a local bar. There is plenty of accommodation, local restaurants, the promise of late morning sleep-ins or steaming hot coffee at a local cafe as you pour over a morning paper.

Out and about in Tea Gardens: Although only across the river – can offer a different winter experience. While the steaming hot coffee, morning papers, local parks and lazy sleep-ins are all waiting for you in Tea Gardens, you will also find things like river-side dining, quirky cafes and fresh seafood.

If you really want to get out and about, the famous Hunter Valley is a couple of hours away. Take an early morning drive and pick up your wine. Return with your bounty and enjoy it with a sumptuous meal of local seafood or a hearty steak.

Whether you live here or are thinking of visiting, we hope the information here helps you appreciate just how diverse our area is and that we are much more than just a wonderful summer destination.