Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens is a river-port town on the banks of the Myall River. While it is connected to Hawks Nest via the Singing Bridge, Tea Gardens has a very different feel to it with the blue waters of the river being the dominant feature of the town.

Tea Gardens is serviced by two main shopping areas – the original shopping precinct along Marine Drive and the Myall Quays Shopping Centre (where the town’s supermarket can be found as well as a range of services and specialty stores).

The original shopping precinct is set along the foreshore of the river and offers river-side cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a morning coffee, pour over the morning newspaper and take in spectacular river views. Fresh and cooked seafood is available from a number of local businesses including the local seafood co-op, the Oyster Hut, and Hook and Cook.

Also located within the original shopping precinct are gift shops, fashion outlets and a range of take away shops.

Tea Gardens on the Myall River

Tea Gardens spills into Port Stephens

The town is well serviced with clubs, hotels, a range of accommodation-types, a service station, plenty of tradespeople, a building society, ATMs, as well as fishing and camping supplies.

Tea Gardens is home to a large library, parks, amenities, boat ramps, charter hire and a local seafood co-op.

For those looking to see a little more of the area, there is a tourist information centre, ferry services to Nelson Bay, canoes for hire and any number of leisurely strolls you can take.

Winter in Tea Gardens moves at a slower pace but still has a lot to offer. A leisurely lie-in, followed by the morning paper (coupled with hot coffee of course) and a stroll along the revamped river foreshore is just the thing to reconnect with the world.

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