The Towns

Sparkling ocean waters on a clear summer’s day. Piping hot coffee on a chill winter’s morning. Rolling surf along pristine beaches. The ebb and flow of a tidal river. Seemingly endless sand dunes under perfect skies. Sunrise over the water and sunsets reflected back at you. These are just some of the delights you will find in the twin towns of Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest.

Located an hour north of Newcastle, two and half hours north of Sydney and only a few hours from inland cities such as Dubbo, both these townships remain steeped in a village atmosphere.

For those who just want to unwind from the pressure of daily life, you can lose yourself in walks along the beautiful beaches or languish in the river-side cafes and restaurants where the coffee flows, the newspapers rustle and the morning slips away.

For those who want a little more adventure, you will find no end of things to do and see.

From the lakes, to the river, to the port and out into the ocean, we are sure you will find something to do. But remember, in Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens you don’t always have to “do”… sometimes you can just “be”.